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Hope in a Jar

In times of darkness, what light is possible? 

Let me show you!

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About This Blog

Why I Write

I have always loved writing.  Since I was in Kindergarten and first learned how to form each of my letters, I have had a journal. When I got to High School I would have the unfortunate weakness of writing a ten page paper when the teacher had only assigned two. My poor teachers that year probably didn't have much of a social life. Grading my essays was a part time job. And when my father fell ill with a terminal disease, I would write to keep my grief from crushing me inside.  But then something magical took place!....

Every time I would open my journal to write words of anger or tears, those words would slowly change. My thoughts turned into thoughts of comfort and peace. My hand began writing words of inspiration and hope. To this day, writing is how God and I communicate with one another. Every word and every sentence a part of a message to me from Heaven. And it is a beautiful process!

I want to share a big piece of that beauty with you! 

I now have a special jar filled with titles of stories I've collected up in several journals and notebooks through the years.  These stories are ready to be shared. This blog is ready to spread that hope that only comes from shifting our perspective and seeing our lives the way Heaven does.

Another way God helps us in this life, I believe, is through laughter. It is the best way to not only endure life, but enjoy it. And "men are that they might have joy"!  My hope is that the articles written here will bring a smile or two.

And from Hope in a Jar, I endeavor to bring brighter hope into the world, one person at a time. 

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